The bottom yellow bar (HUD) in ZulaWorld

April 7, 2009

luluHi my name is lulu, here is a picture of me in-world.

Check this blog regularly as I am going to post fun things to do in ZulaWorld.

First let me tell you a little about myself…

  • I love to learn about science
  • I love to go shopping in zThreads and buy new clothes and accessories
  • Shopping for furniture for my spaceship is the best. And then I get to decorate my Spaceship Quarters!!
  • My favorite color is purple, and I love to listen to Zula Music!

When you first get into ZulaWorld check out the HUD (the yellow bottom bar) – that is a military term that stands for Heads Up Display. There are loads of interesting things on the HUD.


  • Starting from the left is the sound/mute toggle.
  • Beside that is the zPhone. The zPhone is where you can add alien friends to your friends list. You will also be able to find them and join them where ever they are in ZulaWorld. You can create a secret handshake with a friend and they will be able to come into your spaceship.
  • The spaceship icon lets you navigate to your spaceship yard, the inside of your ship, Venus and Asteroid gas station. And soon you will even be able to fly to Mars in your ship. First you have to build your spaceship.
  • Check out the safe chat – lots of fun words and phrases to choose from.
  • The backpack is your inventory. Trash you pick up from West Zulapolis will be stored in it as well as game objects. Clothing/accessories you buy for you alien, and furniture you buy for your spaceship will also be in your backpack.
  • The map will take you to Midtown Zulapolis, Zula Patrol Headquarters, Greater Crater Planetary Park, and Ice Station Zula.
  • Multopedia is ZulaWorlds dictionary. When you go to Ice Station Zula and Greater Crater Planetary Park you can look up science terms and see videos and read about them.
  • The Mission Journal let’s you know what you can do in the different neighborhoods and checks off any games and missions you play.
  • Send your alien friend an Emoticon by clicking on the smiley faces – they are oh so cute!
  • When you click the Feedback button you can send us your comments. It is to help us make ZulaWorld better – we appreciate you time and help!

And of course you can always ask me questions by sending a comment through this post.

Have a great zDay!


ZulaWord Beta has Launched!

April 3, 2009
I am excited to tell you that ZulaWorld’s Beta has launched!!!zw_homepg
ZulaWorld, based on the PBS animated show, The Zula Patrol, is a safe, fun, on-line game. It is an immersive environment for the exploration of science, math and astronomy that stimulates curiosity, promotes discovery, and inspires imagination among children! It also provides a place for parents and educators to engage with their children, students and each other. Because it is a Beta we are continually adding functionality and fixing things, we welcome all feedback.

To get started click on the Join & Play button and create an Alien. Pick from one of 6 Aliens, change his skin color, pick his eyes, dress him with clothing, hats and accessories. Then give him a unique name – the system will tell you if it is available, put in your parent’s email address and have your parent check your in-box for the activation link. Once your parent activates the account your alien can walk around and interact in ZulaWorld. It is just that simple!!!alien_picker

There are lots of fun things to do in ZW here are a few things:

  • Wander around Zulapolis (East, West and Midtown) – click on anything that highlights to blue on mouseover. Click on the map to visit places like Zula Patrol Headquarters, Ice Station Zula and Greater Crater Planetary Park. Click on the spaceship icon on the bottom yellow bar, build your spaceship and fly to Asteroid Gas Station and Venus. Travel to Venus and walk through “Acid Rain” and get to the “Cloud in a Jar” Game.
  • Head over to Greater Crater Planetary Park and play the “Simple Machines” and “Skate Park” games.
  • On Ice Station Zula – you can sled down a hill with 3 of your friends to win, as well go into Precipito’s Lab and play the “Find the Gleep” game.

To buy spaceship furniture, buy clothing, buy music etc. your child must earn Zlinkles (ZulaWorld’s currency) by playing games and missions.

There are so many more things – explore, learn about science and have fun!

There is a feedback button on the bottom yellow bar – please send us any/all feedback.

Thanks so much and hope you enjoy ZulaWorld!